Thursday, July 4, 2013

Episode 1- Meet the Cluesual Suspects

12 people are about to play a game...of murder. They are all the unwitting pawns of the fury of each other. One by one, each will fall prey. Who will survive, who will die, and who will be left without a Clue? 

White: "Well, this is certainly a strange place for a mansion. A lush tropical island, who would have thought?"

White: "I wonder if I'm the first one here. I mean, I hope I don't come to a house full of strangers that I should of been tending to. I can hardly assume that would please Mr. Boddy. I'm sure he wants his guests to be...comfortable."

White: "The whole business is more than a bit strange, though. The boatman seemed uncomfortable when he brought me over here. I wonder what his issue was. I suppose it must be usual for a large number of guests to head a remote island for two weeks without any contact with the outside world, but it can't be that unusual, can it?"

White: "And there it is! An ugly old place, isn't it? Seems out of place on this beautiful island, but if this is where Mr. Boddy wanted to build it, he must have his reasons. I do hope he isn't already there, I wouldn't want to keep him waiting."

White: "But yes, a strange affair. A random invitation to come to this island to be his maid and his guest for two weeks. With the amount of money he was offering, I could hardly say no. But it wasn't as though I was especially experienced. Actually, I'd never even considered becoming a maid. So, why me?"

White: "I don't know, it's only two weeks. And, then I can go back to my life and leave this mansion and the strange people I'm soon to encounter in it completely behind me."

White: "What a lovely entryway! I thought it might be uncomfortable living with 12 strangers for two weeks, but Mr. Boddy clearly has it taken care of."

White: "Hello? Mr. Boddy? Are you here yet?"

White: "I guess he isn't here. Wonder where he could have got to..."

Grey: "Hello there."
Scarlet: "Oh, hello. Are you here to see Mr. Boddy as well?"
Grey: "I can hardly imagine I'd be here for any other reason. Not many people frequent seemingly deserted islands without invitation."

Scarlet: "Well excuse me. I was just trying to make pleasant conversation. I'm only here because Mr. Boddy invited me and my mother, although I actually haven't the slightest idea why. It's not as though I've ever spoken to him before."
Grey: "Oh, I haven't either. I thought I would be the only one to be here who never met him before."
Scarlet: "No, I, I, I haven't either."

Grey: "So you mentioned your mother? Why isn't she here?
Scarlet: "My dear old mother had a boating accident recently."
Grey: "Oh my! I hope she's alright!"
Scarlet: "She's not."
Grey: "Oh..."

Scarlet: "So, are you going to come in?"
Grey: "I'm not sure. Spooky old house, isn't it?"

Scarlet: "Oh, don't be a wimp. Come along, we're only here for two weeks. Why are you here, by the way?"
Grey: "Um, uh, Mr. Boddy wanted to speak with me. Business, that's all."
Scarlet: "I see! And I suppose you assume you dress as a businessman should!"
Grey: "My dear lady, I don't assume anything other than my business."
Scarlet: "Which is what?"

Grey: "That is my business."
Scarlet: "Ah! Oh and Grey, you aren't going to tell the others about my mother, right?"
Grey: "That's hardly significant, but no, I'm fine with lying to them. My parents are dead as well."
Scarlet: "Oh, that's absolutely...terrible!"
Grey: "Yes, of course."

Peacock: "What a horrible place for Mr. Boddy to live! Doesn't he expect decent guests, not the sort of people willing to trek through the jungle for hours to get to his estate! I was promised a luxurious two weeks with Mr. Boddy, not this!"

Rose: "Bluh bluh bluh bluh...I see!"

Peacock: "That's more than a bit..peculiar."
Rose: "What ever do you me, bluh?"

Peacock: "You're bonkers! What is your name, on any account?"

Rose: "Bluh bluh, Tyler, bluh bluh."
Peacock: "Hello, um, Mr. Tyler. I'm Mrs. Peacock. Why don't we get a move on then?"

Scarlet: "So, I never did ask you. What is your name?"

Grey: "You can call me Mr. Grey. And yours?"
Scarlet: "Just Scarlet is fine thanks. I'm Scarlet Montgomery."

White: "Who are you and why did you sneak into my house?!?"
Grey: "We didn't figure there were many mansions on this island. Is it Mrs. Boddy?"
White: "Oh, no. I'm just Bianca White, the maid. I only just arrived myself. And you two should know that it is rude to enter someone's house without knocking or alerting them of your presence. You gave me quite a start."

Scarlet: "We didn't know there was anyone here already. The boat didn't mention a maid already being here."
White: "Well, he should have. I've been here for perhaps 15 minutes, his memory can't possibly be that poor."

Grey: "You never know. Some people..."
*The doorbell rings*
White: "I'll go get it!"

White: "Hello there!"
Laender: "This is the Boddy Residence?"
White: "Yes, do come in."

Lavender: "Where is Mr. Boddy? I wish to speak with him immediately."
White: "I'm afraid Mr. Boddy isn't here right now. Have you met him before tonight?"
Lavender: "No, that's partly why I wanted to speak with him."

White: "Partly?"
Lavender: "Well, it isn't often you get an invitation from a stranger you've never met before to go to a private island and a mysterious manor. The whole affair is a bit odd."
White: "That's why I thought. I'm Mrs. White, the maid, by the way. And you must be..."
Lavender: "Lavender. I'm Lady Lavender, I am expected right?"

White: "Indeed, you were on the guest list. Allow me to show you to your room, Miss Lavender?"
Lavender: "Thank you."

Green: "Well, this is an ugly place, isn't it?"
Plumtree: "I'd say so!"

Peach: "Do either of you know what this whole business is about? I was terribly confused when I got my little letter from this 'Mr. Boddy'. Who is he anyway?"

Green: "Why, ma'am, I can assure you I am just as confused as you are. I'd never heard the name before."

Peach: "You hadn't? I seemed to remember the name, perhaps my mother had mentioned it when I was a mere sprout of a thing? I really couldn't say, as I've said this whole business is confusing."

Plumtree: "I'd heard of him before."
Peach: "You had? Whatever do you know about him?
Plumtree: "Just that he was an acquaintance of my Uncle. And I think he may have traveled a bit, I've heard the name mentioned on my various expeditions."

Peach: "Well, I want to go inside."
Green: "I'm not sure I do."

Plumtree: "Well, go on then."

Peach: "Alright."
Green and Plumtree: "..."
Peach: "I'm going. It sure does seem...menacing, doesn't it?"

Peacock: "Is that wretched man sure he dropped us off on the right island? A lady should not be forced to waddle around in the sand and a much looking for a mansion that may or may not exist like a demented penguin!"

Rose: "I, bluh bluh, don't know."

Peacock: "Look at my dress, covered in dirt! I need to get to the mansion and take a nice warm shower!"
Tyler: "Bluh okay bluh?"

Peacock: "This is ridiculous! Shouldn't the mansion be expecting us by now? And here I'm bumbling about with some wierd pink boy with a speech impediment."
Tyler: "Bluh I like to talk bluh the way I do!"

Peacock: "That is so annoyed! I wish you'd just shut up!"

Lavender: "I don't think this room is quite my style, Mrs. White. Actually, it's rather hideous."

White: "I agree. It reminds me of urine."
Lavender: "I suppose some might say it looks sunny and bright, but I'd be inclined to agree with you."

White: "You see the thing is--"
Lavender: "What is that?"
White: "What is what?"

Lavender: "There are a bunch of people just...standing out front and staring at the house!"
White: "Oh my goodness! I'll show them in! Take any room that pleases you!"
Lavender: "Alright, I shall!"

White: "What are you folks doing just standing around here? How long have you been here?"

Plumtree: "Perhaps... 20 minutes?"

Peach: "More like 25 sugar!"
White: "How senseless! You simply must come in. I know it's an ugly old place, but trust me, it does look much more attractive once you are in it!"
Green: "Ma'am, I am a man of the cloth, and with that short dress, I'm not sure I'd ever want to trust you."
White: "Well I never!"

Lemon-Lime: "I'm not late am I? You are all having a party out here!"

Green: "A party isn't how I'd describe it, Miss. More like 25 minutes of nothing."

White: "Well, you needn't undergo that again. Come along, I'll take you all to the study."

Brown: "Hello, sir. May I--ah! What is wrong with your skin?!?"
Mustard: "I bathe in mustard."
Brown: "Um, okay. Uh, why?"

Mustard: "I love mustard. It's the love of my life. Ah, mustard, how you excite me!"
Brown: "It excites you?"

Mustard: "Oh, yes! Mustard, so warm and creamy! How I love to smother myself in your wondrous condimentness and feel your ground mustard seeds seep into my skin!"
Brown: "Okay..."

Mustard: "And the spices! Ah the lemon juice, salt, and mustard seeds, paired with a nice sandwich or a piece of dried meat or cheese! So warm, so creamy, the smell wafts out and surrounds me in my magical mustard bath!"

Brown: "Alright, well I'll leave you to your fetishes..."

Mustard: "My relationship with mustard is much more than that! It's genuine! I love it and it loves me and so a squirt a sensual squirt of mustard into my mouth and I am one with the mustard, till death do we part!"

Brown: "I...I'm not going to say anything. I'm really not one to judge."
Mustard: "What do you like mud?"
Brown: "Eww! Just, eww!"

Lavender: "Hmm, well this room doesn't quite suit me..."

Lavender: "...and neither does this one!"

Lavender: "I swear, all of these rooms have hideous furnishings! Doesn't anyone know how to make a decent room in this house?"

Lavender: "Oh my gracious!"

Lavender: "It's perfect!"

Lemon-Lime: "Excuse me, may I please enter?"
Lavender: "Sure, come in."

Lemon-Lime: "Oo, this room is awesome! Not my style, of course, but nice!"
Lavender: "Ha, thanks."

Lemon-Lime: "I take it you'll be sleeping here?"
Lavender: "Yes, I suppose so. Nice, isn't it?"

Lemon-Lime: "I'd say so! Some of these people are so uptight and serious, don't you think? Like the Green fellow, I was like, 'What did I miss?' and he was like 'Half an hour of nothing!' and I was like, 'Woah dude, cool down!' I just didn't want miss a party, you know? But you aren't like that at all, right?"
Lavender: "I don't think so? What's your name anyway?"

Lemon-Lime: "Oh, I suppose in a 'proper' situation like this, they'd want me to introduce myself as stinkin' 'Miss Lemon-Lime' or something. But I'm Laurel. That's enough for me, and anyone who doesn't think so needs to get a damn life!"
Lavender: "My goodness! I mean, I try to enjoy life and everything, going to sock hops and whatnot, but I wouldn't be so presumptuous as to insult everyone like that, and I still am going by Miss Lavender here."

Lemon-Lime: "You see, you are a bore? But your the most interesting one here, so I'm going to stick around. I think I like you!"
Lavender: "You're just a mass of contradictions, aren't you?"
Lemon-Lime: "Ha, I don't care. I'm only here because my stupid parents were too busy to attend. But hey, at least I'm out of the house, so I don't really care!"

Lavender: "You're an interesting character, aren't you?"
Lemon-Lime: "I guess."

Peach: "Well, you two don't like to talk much, I guess."
Plumtree: "What makes you think that?"

Peach: "We stood outside forever and didn't talk much, and now we are just being awkward in the study and still not talking. I cannot stand it when folks are uncomfortable, so I guess I'll be forced to break the ice."

Green: "What do you suggest we talk about?"
Peach: "Anything! Our feelings or just introduce ourselves. I don't even know either of your names yet."
Green: "I'm Reverend Green."
Peach: "And?"
Green: "I'm the reverend at our local church. I am a man of God's word, what else is there to say."

Plumtree: "You are going to be super vindictive and self-righteous are you?"
Green: "I try to be good natured. I was invited here by Mr. Boddy out of the blue, like the two of you."

Peach: "I see. Strange, isn't it, being invited randomly like that?"
Plumtree: "Quite strange. Anyway, my name is Harry Plumtree. I'm from England, but I currently live in the states. And, yes, that's really all I have to say. I'm not very interesting, other than my uncle being a professor at Cambridge."
Peach: "But that is interesting! How were you invited here?"

Plumtree: "I was invited the same way you're describing. Random letter, I'd heard the name before, and so my curiosity enticed me to come to the island as the letter instructed and check it out."
Peach: "Surprisingly few of us know this Mr. Boddy for someone who gets around so much."
Green: "It is very intriguing. You think we'd have some idea who he was."

White: "Allow me to introduce Mr. Mario Mustard and Miss Erdried Brown."

Peach: "Oh my god, what is wrong with that man?!?"

Brown: "He bathes in mustard. He has unusual interests."
Mustard: "I just like Mustard. What's wrong with that?"
Brown: "You really like mustard."

Green: "You mean God, fellow, how sacreligious!"
Peach: "Ha! Reverend, I think you are one to talk. Wasn't there something about not using the name of the Lord in vain?"
Green: "Oh, like I give a damn! Here's a man who, uh, likes, mustard! Good gracious, he will get his just deserts!"

Mustard: "Quite frankly, Reverend, say what you want. I don't pin you as much of a saint yourself."

Brown: "No one likes to be preached to, Reverend Green. I don't think it's appropriate."
Green: "Yes, yes, well of course!"

Brown: "Anyway, yes I'm Erdried Brown. I'm just myself. I don't see the need for frills and bows, I guess I'm a girl who likes to get to the point. And I'm gay, so if you want to pass judgement here, Rev. Green, judge me."
Green: "You seem like a nice girl. Quite frankly, I'm not interested."
Brown: "Thank you."

Mustard: "I just like mustard. I changed my last name to mustard to show it my devotion. So call me Mr. Mustard, thank you. That is all."
Peach: "I see, so you run like a mustard shop?"
Mustard: "No, of course not! All the mustard in my possession I eat! How could I possibly give it away? It would never forgive me."
Peach: "Okay..."

Rose: "It is so, bluh, hot!"

Peacock: "I know! I feel as though I'm going to get a heat stroke!"

Rose: "Bluh! Don't expect me to catch you!"

Peacock: "Oh, my God! I'm going?"

Rose: "Wait, is she dead?"

Rose: "Why the heck do all the bad things always happen to me?!?!?"

Rose: "Seriously woman, if you don't wake up I may just have to..."

Peacock: "I'm alright, I'm alright."

Rose: "Thank goodness!"

Peacock: "Wait a minute, what happened to those bluhs?"
Rose: "Uh...bluh?"

Peacock: "Why are you pretending to talk like that? I don't understand, Tyler Rose. Why?"
Rose: "None of your bluh business!"
Peacock: "You are a wierd kid. Now, to treck across this mountain."

Grey: "Hey, guys. Can I join you?"
Plumtree: "Sure, why not?"

Brown: "Hello, what is your name?"
Grey: "Just call me Mr. Grey, thanks. I was wondering, do any of you know who Mr. Boddy is?"

Brown: "I don't. We all just received an invitation and came."
Grey: "But didn't that strike any of you as suspicious?"
Peach: "Well I suppose..."

Grey: "I'm wondering who this Mr. Boddy is, and what he really wants with all of us. And, on anther note, who is this banana sitting next to me?"

Brown: "That's Mario Mustard. He's, erm, yellow."
Grey: "I see. And he was invited as well?"
Mustard: "Yes, I...I was."
Grey: "What sort of business does a colorful fellow like you have with the likes of Mr. Boddy?"

Mustard: "What sort of business do you have here?"
Grey: "Actually, I asked to come here. I had a matter to discuss with Boddy, that's all."

Plumtree: "So I suppose you know more about this whole business than anyone? How did you contact Boddy and ask to speak with him?"
Grey: "I simply called and he answered."
Peach: "You've heard his voice?!? Grey, you simply must tell me what he sounds like! Did his voice sound unusually...high to you? Any noticeable accent?"

Grey: "Not that I remember. Very muffled and noisy on the other end, though."
Green: "Why do you even care so much, my dear?"
Peach: "There's no harm in curiosity, is there Reverend?"
Green: "Well, I suppose not."

Scarlet: "Grey! I was looking for you! You left me all alone in this spooky house without anyone to talk to. I wandered through a billiard room and all the lights were out, it was quite spooky let me tell you. Excuse me, didn't mean to interrupt. May I sit with you?"

Mustard: "No thank you."

Scarlet: "What's that? Wait a second, Mario, is that you?"

Mustard: "I don't want to talk to you! Go away!"
Scarlet: "Mario, wait!"
Mustard: "Curl up and die!"

Scarlet: "Mario! Come back here this instant!"

Everyone left in room: "..."

Peach: "It's amazing how frequently this group lapses into awkward silence."

Rose: "There it is! The mansion! Oh, and bluh."
Peacock: "You are a disgraceful little boy."
Rose: "Bluh?"

Peacock: "And, I've decided that I don't particularly like mountains."

Rose: "Bluh where is the gate bluh?"
Peacock: "You know what? I need a warm shower and then bed. I can't run around trying to find the gate! I'm going to hop the fence!"

Rose: "Uh.."
Peacock: "Ow!"

Rose: "What about me, bluh?"
Peacock: "Find the gate if you want!"

Peacock: "I'm going to find the damn door!"

Scarlet: "Mario, I need to talk to you."

Mustard: "Go away. I don't need you anymore."

Scarlet: "But Mario, what have you done to yourself?"
Mustard: "When you left me, it became clear who the true love of my life was: mustard. I've had enough of you, Scarlet. I never want to speak to you again."

Scarlet: "Well, we are stuck in a house together for the next..."

Scarlet: "Now, Mario, it isn't my fault you are, um, colorful. I couldn't love you, I never could. We were never meant to be, and so that's why..."
Mustard: "Of course we were never meant to be, NOW THAT YOU ARE GONE!"

Scarlet: "But you see Mustard, that's the difference. I was able to move on. I didn't fall in love with a bottle of ketchup."
Mustard: "Ha, I wish!"

Peacock: "How can you all just sit there while some of us had to fight our way through the jungle and ruin our outfits!"
Brown: "You know how to make an entrance, don't you?"

Peacock: "Oh, my poor head! One of you must show me to my room, I am simply exhausted!"
Green: "You know, my dear woman, it is polite to say please when demanding things of strangers."

Plumtree: "No, Reverend, its fine. I'll show her to her room. I'm getting more than I bit tired myself."
Peacock: "Good. How will you know which one is mine?"

Plumtree: "I'm sure we will figure it out."
Peacock: "You had better."
Plumtree: "I believe I said 'we'."

White: "Oh, woe is me! Slaving away to make a hot meal for a bunch of ungrateful little--"

Lavender: "Hello, Mrs. White. May I speak with you for a minute?"
White: "Oh, sure darling. Sit down."
Lavender: "Thank you."

White: "You know, those people talking in the study? They don't care about me in the slightest, or what I think or feel. That older woman ran right by me when I opened the door for her, didn't even say hello. She is quite melodramatic, wouldn't you say?"

Lavender: "I can't say I've had the pleasure of meeting her yet."
White: "Well, neither have I, really. But they all just seem to think of me as hired help. I'm not a maid, I'm not cut out for it. I don't know how to make fancy meals or any of that jazz. I'm just trying to do my best to support my family."

Lavender: "That's admirable."
White: "Oh, I'm sure. And here I am, with a bunch of strangers in a spooky mansion who think they can look down on me just because I'm the only one who is being paid to be there."

Lavender: "Actually, that's sort of what I wanted to talk to you about. Have you ever...met your employer? I thought you might have, because everyone in this house that I've spoken to doesn't seem to have ever met him before. Many haven't even heard the name. So I was just wondering..."

White: "No, I've never met him. I thought that was odd, too. It wasn't as though I responded to an add or anything. He just wrote to me, out of the blue, asking me to be his maid for two weeks for a handome sum. I had no experience, but if he was going to pay that much... A bit strange, though? Why me?"
Lavender: "There is something strange going on in this mansion, and I am going to get to the bottom of it."

Rose: "Hello? Anyone home?"

Brown: "Oh, hello there. What is your name?"
Rose: "I'm Tyler Rose, bluh."
Brown: "Oh, hello there Tyler Rose. Do come in, some of us are talking in the study if you want to join us."

Rose: "No thank you, bluh bluh. I think I'll go to, bluh, the bedrooms and explore for a bit till I find one that suits me."
Brown: "That's quite alright. And that's odd."
Rose: "Bluh? What's odd?"


Brown: "The mailbox. I mean, I can't imagine a mailman comes to a private island very often, but there's still a mailbox. Strange..."
Rose: "I guess it's just for, bluh, decoration."
Brown: "I guess so... But there is most definitely something not quite right about this mansion and the guests."

Plumtree: "This room suits you, Mrs. Peacock?"
Peacock: "This is fine."

Plumtree: "Um..."
Peacock: "Goodnight, Mr. Plumtree."

Plumtree: "I did not need to see you get dressed in front of me."

Lemon-Lime: "I think I like you, Tyler! Woo, you have such an...interesting way of talking."

Rose: "Bluh, thank you, bluh."
Lemon-Lime: "You see! What is that, a Norwegian accent?"
Rose: "I just, bluh, bluh."

Lemon-Lime: "Well, I like it."
Rose: "Bluh, Peacock, bluh, thought it was annoying, bluh."
Lemon-Lime: "Uggh, Mrs. Peacock! That woman doesn't know what the heck she's talking about! Am I right?"
Rose: "Bluh..."

Plumtree: "Goodnight, guys."

Lemon-Lime: "Um, Mr. Plumtree, did you get dressed in that room while Mrs. Peacock was asleep? That wasn't the outfit you were wearing before."

Plumtree: "Ha, yeah. What can I say, she did it to me while I wasn't asleep."

Lavender: "Hello, guys. Mrs. White wanted me to tell you that supper is ready."

Grey: "Oo, what are we having? A fancy place like this, surely we are in for a nice, if a little late, dinner!"

Lavender: "Nope, just pasta. Mrs. White never pretended to be a great cook."
Grey: "That's lovely."

White: "Alright, you two. Break it up and head to the dining room to supper."

Scarlet: "Come Mario, let's go eat supper."
Mustard: "I'd rather have a rusty nail drilled through my earlobe than dine with you."
Scarlet: "You can do that after we eat then."

Lavender: "If the two of you want to eat, there's food downstairs."
Lemon-Lime: "Alright, let's eat, my big Norwegian hunk of man meat."
Lavender: "What did you just call him?!?!?"

Rose: "I don't know, but I like it!"
Lemon-Lime: "Bluh!"
Rose: "Bluh bluh!"

White: "Miss Brown?"
Brown: "Yes?"
White: "Do you want to have some supper? It is ready."
Brown: "Oh, no thank you."

White: "Why? What is the issue?"

Brown: "I'm's just...I'm tired, that's all."

White: "Alright, well enjoy the rest of your night, Miss Erdried Brown. I will see you in the morning."
Brown: "Thank you. And I look forward to it."

White: "Miss Brown, Mr. Plumtree, and Mrs. Peacock will not be dining with us this evening."
Grey: "I see. Didn't want to have to swallow your cooking, did they?"

White: "Very funny, but I suppose not."
Scarlet: "Well, I mean, it is rather terrible."
Grey: "I think she knows that."

Lemon-Lime: "Well, I think its scrumptious! Isn't it, Rosey-poo?"
Rose: "Bluh."
Lemon-Lime: "You see?"

Grey: "What I really want to know is why are there four empty chairs when there are only three missing diners."
Lavender: "I'd imagine the fourth chair would be for our host. For the invisible Mr. Boddy."

Green: "I want to know who he is. None of us have any clues?"
Peach: "I don't think any of us have ever met him. I suppose that Mrs. Peacock may have, but given the current trend, it doesn't seem likely."

Mustard: "Well, soon none of it will matter anyway."
Grey: "What do you mean by that?"
Mustard: "Just that soon one of us won't have any reason to care anymore.
Grey: "I don't understand."
Mustard: "I can't imagine you would."

Green: "I'm full on any account. Anyone up for a game of Billiards in the the Billiard Room?"

Rose: "Sure, why not. Sounds like quite a bit of fun, Reverend."

White: "I just can't force myself to swallow this dinner anymore. Anyone want me to show them to their bedrooms?"

Peach: "Yes please! I hope its as nice as the rest of the house!"
Lemon-Lime: "Thank you, Mrs. White, for the excuse to stop eating this gross mush you call 'pasta'.

Scarlet: "Well, Mustard, I want to know what that business about it not mattering to one of us was about."
Lavender: "So do I!"
Mustard: "I don't want to talk with you, Scarlet. I've had enough of talking to you."

Scarlet: "Come along, Mustard. I need to know what's been going on. We can try to connect the dots."
Grey: "And you will all just leave me here?"

Lavender: "We can talk here, right?"
Mustard: "I'd prefer something a bit more private, like a bedroom."
Grey: "It's fine, I'm not interested anyway. You three have your little chat."

Lavender: "Alright, Mr. Grey, if you are sure you don't mind?"
Grey: "Oh, no. Of course not. I was just thinking that..."

Grey: "Well, that was a productive first day. And no one suspects a thing."

Grey: "My boss sure was right, though. Mr. Boddy is a concern. I will need to keep my eyes and ears open."

Grey: "But for now, bed. I wouldn't want to be caught off guard and alone in Mr. Boddy's mansion. Mustard is right, there is something not right about this place..." 

And so, the house slept unaware of what was happening downstairs.

They did not know that someone was lurking down there with murderous intentions...

...or that the screaming they couldn't hear would reflect their own future doom.

Yes, they slept and then they woke.

White: "You'''re dead! Help! HELP!"
Lavender: "Who, who's dead?"

White: "It's Mr. Grey, poor Mr. Grey!"


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